Janet's Famous Christmas Cake

Can you believe it that I have already baked two Christmas cakes and it is still September!!

It is a good idea to do your Christmas cake a few months before and give it time to mature… and time to feed it with brandy!

My famous Christmas Cake recipe has converted many "non-christmas cake eater"….. The secret? Well, that would be telling…. you really need to try it for yourself.


Brioche Bread Making

For a long time we have wanted to try and make some french brioche… a very light bread made from an enriched dough.

Finally, we did it… We used a Paul Hollywood recipe (famous as Mary Berry's judging partner on the UK TV show "The Great British Bake Off"), and all went well, except the tin we used was a tad too small - which impacted the baking time and it ended up a little browner on top and we would have liked. Note - next time use the right size tin!!

But that aside, it tastes great.

Also watch out as it is that time of the year again for make Janet's Famous Christmas Cake…. Fa La La La La La!


Ziger Käse from Ginals

One of the things we love about living in and visiting other countries/regions is the different local foods. We only found out this week that the local cheese (Käse) called "Ziger" is not a goat's cheese, as we had thought, but a locally produced cheese made from cow's milk, further up the mountain in Ginals. So upon recommendation we purchased some to try at our local bakery….

Have to say, it is not our favourite - it really has no flavour, but there again we are people who like strong mature smelly cheeses….

So we added some honey and thyme (from our garden) and it tasted better. We will try to think of some other ways to enjoy it, - we will keep you posted…

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"Ziger" Cheese from Ginals, Unterbäch

Walliser Aprikosen

Did you know that Wallis/Valais is famous for growing Apricots?

We have been buying them at a roadside stall and they are fantastic - so yummy and juicy. Have been trying to think of lots of ways to use them… but really they are just great as they are!!

Walliser Aprikosen / Apricots from Valais

Lemon Posset

After watching Celebrity Masterchef (UK) - I was inspired to try making a "Lemon Posset"….

Really quite easy to do and it was lovely and twangy. Perfect served in a large cup with saucer and topped with chopped strawberries and freshly grown mint (from our garden). It certainly was a winning dessert at Chalet Erika….